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Desktop Shapes
'Q' Modesty Panels

This range provides a wide range of modesty panels which can be found below. The panel shapes can be found on the left and then a view of them in situ appears on the right.

Choice can be confusing! If you need help or advice please contact our sales office.

We offer a FREE design service. (Local call rate 0845 3455 990) or please use enquiry form.

Straight modesty panel
Straight (S)
Straight panel in situ
Concave modesty panel
Concave (C)
Concave panel in situ
Radial right hand panel
Radial R/H (RR)
Radial panel in situ
Convex modesty panel
Convex (V)
Convex panel in situ
Radial left hand panel
Radial L/H (RL)
Radial panel in situ
Perforated steel modesty panel
Perforated Steel (P)
Perforated steel panel in situ